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Something To Think About 


Had somebody living in Old Testament times noticed the date Noah left the Ark, which was 2/27 and began to take dominion over the earth (which was a shadow and type of New Testament believers ruling with Jesus at his 2nd coming)..... 

and had they noticed the prophecy of Daniel concerning the time of Jesus' coming and calculated it to be 27ad as outlined in the chart that was shared earlier..... 

and had they noticed that the 27th time that Joshuas name was mentioned in scripture, knowing that Joshua was God's choice for leading the Israelites into the promised Land (which is a shadow and type of Jesus and his believers ruling over the earth)..... 

and had that somebody predicted that the Savor of the world would begin his earthly ministry in 27ad and after 3 1/2 years die on a cross and that 40 days after his resurrection, Jesus would ascend back to Heaven, on 2/27 (Hebrew calendar 2nd month & 27th day) leaving the leadership of reaching the world with the message of the Gospel in the hands of His disciples, that person would have been right. Because just as Noah and his family did leave the ark and began to have dominion over the earth on 2/27, so Jesus did also, on the day of His ascension back to Heaven on 2/27, turn the leadership of His church over to the disciples. 

Now add to the above all the new insights we have today about the number 27, why would our current generation of Bible scholars not be willing to at least take a little closer look at the possibility of the 2nd coming of Jesus being connected to the number 27 in some way?

Sure there are lots of other scenarios that are potential return dates. It may not happen in the year 2027 or the year 2127. For sure our Creator knew there would be multitudes looking into the shadows & types, the number cycles and patterns, the Feast days and all the other prophetic insights that we have gained over the years that did point to events that happened exactly as predicted throughout the Old Testament.

That being the case, wouldn't it be just like our Creator to purposely choose a date for the second coming that is not even remotely related to any of the shadows & types, number cycles and patterns, Feast days, etc. that have been discovered over the years? That way no one will be able to figure it out because our Creator Himself may not be using the very Bible that He gave to us when making a decision about the second coming. I guess that's one way to keep the second coming of Jesus a total secret. 

And by the way, if Jesus does not return in the year 2027 I won't be crawling under a rock. I don't care what day Jesus actually returns. I am content with the fact that He will return some day. Until then, I will continue to do research and present facts that I uncover and learn from others who are doing the same thing.