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The Veiled Unseen Realm



Every day billions of people go about their daily routines unaware of an unseen realm that is full of activity all around them. We can call it the spiritual dimension. It is a realm that very, very few have ever caught a glimpse of. This realm is veiled and unless the veil is pulled back, no human can observe the activity that is taking place in that dimension. 

Yet if that veil was ever to be lifted for even 5 minutes so that all the human race could observe what was taking place there, I believe the majority of the human race would fall to their knees and surrender their lives to God, having seen for the first time the battle that is taking place between good and evil. 

That unseen battle is a battle for the souls of the human race. An eternal destiny is being fought for. If only that veil could be lifted for 5 minutes. 

We set our eyes not on what we see but on what we cannot see. For what we see will last only a short time,  is temporary/transitory, but what we cannot see will last forever, is eternal. 2 Corinthians 4:18 

Though the majority of the human race will never see behind that veil, they can know what is happening there. Our Creator has given us ample pictures into what is behind that veil. All one has to do is to pick up a Bible and start reading. 

In this article I have presented 20 looks into that veiled realm. As you read, take the time to seriously ponder what you are being told and what you are being shown. This may be the only glimpse into the unseen realm that you will ever get. Below are three links.


20 Looks Into The Unveiled Realm

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